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Health Professionals

Health Professionals use + recommend Sunlighten saunas.

Independently tested Solocarbon heating technology makes Sunlighten saunas. The clinical-grade sauna for choice health professionals.

Jeffrey A. Spencer, M.A., D.C.

Working with high performance athletes, Dr Spencer believes that regular sessions in a sunlighten sauna are essential for promoting muscles recovery, reducing tension and eliminating performance inhibiting toxic burdens from the body.

Dr David Minkoff, M.D.

“Sunlighten Saunas are indispensable to healthy living in our current toxic environment. Even if people are careful with their diets, personal care Products and household cleaners, the amount of pollutants such as chemicals, preservatives and pesticides are so prevalent today that they are impossible to escape.”

Dr Beth D. Glasser, M.D.

“The Sunlighten Sauna is an excellentPrimary modality in supporting anyone’s endeavor to reduce and combat the bio-accumulation of exogenous toxins, endogenous waste, stress management, immune enhancement, weight control, cellulite mobilization, pain relief, and has a phenomenal track record of success.”

Dr Rachel West, M.D.

” Sunlighten Sauna are different to regular saunas because infrared heat waves penetrate facial and muscular tissue, helping to rid the body of toxins that are stored in deeper layers than the simple sweat glands that are activated in a conventional sauna.”

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